UTV Cargo Boxes

Storage. It's the name of the game when it comes to UTVs. Getting your gear where you need it is crucial to improving functional usability of your rig.

For years, the team here at Colorado Rugged Racks has studied countless UTVs, numerous scenarios and assessed a variety of needs. What we have come up with is a way to move cargo the way you want it moved.

Our cargo boxes are different from others on the market. Our products are made from quality materials that far surpass anything else on the market. Our approach has been to create UTV cargo boxes that are open and accessible to give you more ability to haul equipment.

We go the extra mile to make them look, and fit, the way you want. We custom make each cargo box to fit your specific make and model UTV. We give you everything you need to add this new tool to your ride. The boxes are removable, also serving as a usable table if needed.

Why take extra trips in your UTV to haul cargo? Using our boxes, you'll get the job done in less time and with less energy. Why do we build them the way we do? Because we know you want to bungee things down, haul more, expand your cargo capacity and pile it on top.

Just because we call it a box doesn't mean it has to have four walls and a lid. We like to think that our products are outside of the box. We like to think we designed them with your exact needs in mind. The proof is in the pudding. Give them a try, we know you'll be happy you did.

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