UTV Dog Boxes

Whether it's duck hunting, camping, or riding around the farm, everyone who has a dog enjoys the company of their four legged friend wherever they go. Transporting your dog can be a chore, but with our custom UTV dog boxes, moving man's best friend becomes just as easy as hauling your tent or gun.

Our dog boxes for UTV's are custom built and made to last. No matter the size of your UTV or your dog, we can build a dog box to fit your needs. These custom built boxes, ideal to haul multiple dogs, are able to accommodate storage units, seating areas, and various compartments for your dog and gear to fit comfortably while on the move. You won't have to worry about them jumping out of the back of your UTV any longer as well as your gear being in the way, stepped on, or destroyed unexpectedly from your distracted dog.

When the weather gets hot, you know that your dog will stay cool because each section of our dog boxes are ventilated which also allows for movement of air throughout the different compartments. In the winter, our insulated walls will protect your dog from the elements.

Just like our racks, our UTV dog boxes come with the peace of mind that you are receiving a quality product you are guaranteed to be satisfied with, as well as being covered under the same warranty as all our other products and accessories.

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