Colorado Rugged Racks USA Made!

Don Leon

We are a Colorado based company that started manufacturing our racks from our shop.  We are outdoor enthusiasts with a passion for hunting, fishing and enjoying the outdoors.  Our goal here at Colorado Rugged Racks® is to manufacture customized UTV racks and accessories for our customers' every need. We provide the the highest quality products to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your oudoor recreational adventure. We are a market-focused company that discovers, develops and delivers innovative solutions to unleash your UTV's potential. We have a US patent on our products (US D643,233 S; Date of patent is August 16, 2011).   

Colorado Rugged Racks® offers customized waterproof bags to help organize your trip. Made with heavy duty material, zippers and waterproof material, you will be sure to have dry storage. Spending a comfortable weekend in remote locations with family and freinds has never been easier with your customized Colorado Rugged Racks®.

A Colorado Rugged Racks® can increase the capacity while agents are patrolling our boarders. Our racks allows the Boarder Patrol that uses side x sides to carry all of their gear not matter the terrain they may encounter. Beach Patrol carry all their rescue equipment and gear. Stokes basket allows for the beach patrol to be most efficient at their jobs.

Colorado Rugged Racks® built the Miami Bomb Squad a customized UTV rack for their robots to secure safely but not intended for easy access from prospectors. It was designed with expanded metal around the rack so the prospectors could see the robots when they were doing presentations at schools. The Colorado Rugged Racks® allowes for visibility but most important, safely secure the robots. The  Miami Bmb Squad wanted the kids to be able to see the robots and not to touch them.

At Colorado Rugged Racks®, we are dedicated to helping you in any way we can. No matter your make or model of UTV, we can customize a rack to your needs.